Posted on May 16, 2019

Castle One Rotary Steam Carpet Restoration

Why You Should Get Your Carpet Cleaned Often
How often should you clean your carpet? This is a question that a lot of people must have asked themselves. Sometimes there are no visible signs of the carpet being dirty but you keep on coughing when you get home. The culprit might be your carpet and padding because of the accumulation of allergens. You should look for a certified professional carpet cleaner and Castle One Rotary Steam Carpet Restoration is more than capable of doing a great job. Here are some reasons why you need to consider cleaning your carpet on a regular basis.
A carpet is giant filter and a magnet for allergens, dirt, and dust which could potentially have an adverse effect on the inhabitants of the house. The allergens are not visible and you might think that your carpet is clean yet it is breeding pathogens. Predicated on the amount of residents living in the household, if pets are present, and the amount of guests visiting the residence will determine how many times a year your carpets should be professionally cleaned.
New home owners or if you have just purchased new carpets, your carpets should be deep steam cleaned at least once a year to stay in good standing with your carpets warranty. Rotary Deep Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning is the most preferred method of deep steam carpet cleaning adding four times more usage and lifespan to carpets.

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